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Swedish-made SveLog Binwashers - 6 different models.

  • Transform the cumbersome, wet and unhygienic washing of waste bins with market-leading and CE-marked SveLog Binwasher.
  • It will then be a comfortable, dry and hygienic job.
  • The binwasher is excellent for larger shopping centers, hospitals, municipalities, real estate companies and companies with many bins that require continuous washing for hygienic handling in all areas.
  • The bins are washed automatically on both the inside and outside. The binwasher is equipped with a separate rinsing handle for other washing.
SveLog Quattro Kärltvätt - för alla standardkärl upp till1100 literSveLog Twin Kärltvätt - tvättar 1 st 4-hjulskärl eller 2 st 2-hjulskärl samtidigt!SveLog Twin Kärltvätt

This is what our customers say:

Christer Lundmark, transport manager and personnel manager at Bastransport in Örebro AB, BASABsays: "Since we started washing the bins in February 2020, more people in the staff want to wash the bins. Previously, it was awkward, wet, messy, unhygienic and unpleasant job when you had to stand on your head in the bin and rinse manually. Now we save a lot of work and time and avoid getting wet and it has become a popular job from previously being difficult to recruit "volunteers" for the job. Residual material that has ended up inside the binwasher is easy to scrape out from time to time. "
After delivery in April 2019 of SveLog Twin Binwasher with double high-pressure units, says Jörgen Berntsson, production manager at Elmia in Jönköping: "The Binasher works excellent. We used to wash outdoors but this is a very good solution. We are very satisfied.""
Sabbatsbergs Hospital, Stockholm. SveLog Dishwasher delivered 2018.
Transmar AB, Mariehamn, Åland. SveLog Binwasher delivered 2018.
This is what Anders Isaksson, unit manager at Sundsvall Hospital says:
“We have invested in a SveLog dishwasher that we installed at the end of 2017. It works very well and the staff at the hospital are positive about handling the cleaned vessels. We get better hygiene and a nicer working environment. ”

This is what the operations manager, Stefan Kuoppa at Tekniska Verken in Kiruna, says: 
“The Binwasher means that we improve the working environment. Previously, we washed with manual high pressure and it was hard work. Now it's easy and smooth. Included in our delivery is an efficient water heater that gives us a good result that gives us clean bins. The Binwasher has worked excellently since the installation in December 2016. ”

Kista Galleria, Kista-Stockholm. SveLog Binwasher delivered in 2013.
Brf Masthugget, Gothenburg. SveLog Binwasher delivered in 2007.
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